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Best Pressure Cleaning Service

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Performing great work with excellent craftsmanship is the backbone of Jones Pressure Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL. On each job, I look for an additional service that I can provide that the homeowner won’t be charged for. This is simply the way I express my gratitude for hiring me. I’ve found that this gesture results in my customers referring me to many of their friends.

Get To Know The Lives Behind The Company

A Little About How I Was Introduced To My Trade

Hi! I’m Brent Jones. I am the owner of Jones Pressure Cleaning and I’d like to introduce myself!

First of all, THANKS for checking out my website. I hope you’ll call me soon so I can pressure clean whatever you need me to.

I was born and raised in Lake Worth, Florida in a religious family with great morals and values. I was taught the good things that have made me the person I am today. I am very passionate about helping other people grow into their best selves, experiencing things they never thought possible. I enjoy many sports and am very active.

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My Business Ethic

My Business Ethic

I enjoy going above and beyond what my customers expect of me. I endeavor to make your experience such that you feel I’ve done more than I was paid for.

You see, I love making people happy. I feel I have always had a big heart; from my younger years when I played baseball to currently being involved in my church at Christ Fellowship where I am able to give my time to people that need it the most.

I also continue to enjoy bettering myself on a daily basis, striving to educate myself to better my business, myself and provide you with the best service I can.

The Story of My Business

In 1976, my grandfather moved to Florida from Ohio and started Fleet Kleen Professional Pressure Cleaning (you may remember those trucks!). His main focus was pressure cleaning fleets, including some big companies here in Palm Beach County such as the United States Postal Service, Waste Management, Cheney Brothers Food Distribution and many others.

That kept him busy for several years. My father then moved down to help him out when he got very busy and needed the help. They slowly branched out and started to pressure clean residences as well. In time, the company focused entirely on residential and commercial properties and did very well.

My father helmed Fleet Kleen until 1990; he then started his own painting business and sold his interest in Fleet Kleen to his brother and he ran it with me until 2005. Our interests changed to other prospects at the time, so we closed our doors then. I revived it in 2010.

The Story of My Business2
I have been in the pressure cleaning business for many years now and have been running day-to-day operations for almost as long. I am now changing the name from Fleet Kleen to Jones Pressure Cleaning to reflect the changing focus of our customers. I continue to educate myself, finding ways to grow myself and my business.

Looking Forward

Although this history might be entertaining, what really matters to you, my customer, is how I run my business and treat you. I do not rush any of my jobs, and I always do more work than paid for to make you happy. I’m all about making the customer as happy and comfortable as possible.

Since I am honest and reliable, I will work with you to help with whatever you may need. I want you to be happy.

The Scope Of Jones Pressure Cleaning
I strive to always be fair with you and let you know everything that goes into the job before I start so you understand exactly what I am doing and the cost behind it. I want to build a life-long relationship with you, with a good reputation. That way, you will hopefully refer me to other possible customers.

The Scope Of Jones Pressure Cleaning

I clean roofs, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, screened-in enclosures, driveways, docks and anything else you might need cleaned.

I want Jones Pressure Cleaning to go above and beyond your expectations. We will get the job done in a quality way, this means that if it takes a little longer than expected, so be it. We will always do the job right and WILL NOT cut any corners to get the job done faster.

I take time to get to know my customers and get to know their needs so I can provide them with the best service that they can get, because you deserve it.

I will be at every job and will make sure the customer is completely comfortable and satisfied with my work before I ask them for the payment of the service I provided.

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